Rui Zhong

钟 锐

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Division

Sauder School of Business

University of British Columbia

My name is Rui Zhong (钟锐). I was born and raised in Chongqing, a beautiful mountainous city in Southwest China. I graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management.

I am currently a fourth-year PhD student in Organizational Behavior at Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.

I identify myself as an organizational researcher who studies the dark side of the workplace.

My research primarily focuses on various forms of negative workplace behaviors, such as abusive supervision, negative gossip, workplace ostracism, and deviant/unethical behavior. In this line of research, I seek to address three general questions:

  • What are their consequences for perpetrators, targets, and third parties?

  • How to mitigate their harmful consequences?

  • What causes or reduces their occurrence?

I am also interested in some other “dark” topics, including negative emotions, death awareness, workplace discrimination, and employee mental illness. To shed light on these topics, I often draw insights from some positive research areas, especially mindsets or implicit beliefs.

To examine these phenomena, I conduct two complementary types of research:

  • Individual empirical studies, in which I use a variety of methods, such as surveys, experiments, and interventions.

  • Integrative reviews, in which I conduct quantitative or qualitative syntheses of existing research findings.

For more information about my research, please click the following links:

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University of British Columbia, Canada, 2018-2023 (Expected)

  • Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior

Tianjin University, China, 2013-2017

  • BMGT in Construction Management

Journal Publications

Zhong, R., Paluch, R., Shum, V., Zatzick, C., and Robinson, S. (2021). Hot, cold, or both? A person-centered perspective on death awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Applied Psychology. 106(6), 839-855

Zhong, R., & Robinson, S. (2021). What happens to bad actors in organizations? A review of actor-centric outcomes of negative behavior. Journal of Management. 47(6), 1430-1467

More About Me

I like to play badminton, jog, lift weights, listen to podcasts, and watch shows on Youtube and Netflix. Over the weekends, I often go hiking with friends and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Vancouver. I am a big NBA fan and grew up playing basketball.

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